One of the most difficult things that can happen to you is to have your vehicle impounded. It may cause a lot of confusion and frustration, but do not worry. If your vehicle has been taken to our impound yard we will make sure it is safe from further damage. With us you are sure to recover your vehicle in good condition. You will need to fill out the necessary forms and provide the appropriate documents prior to vehicle release.


My vehicle was towed without my permission or knowledge, how do I find out where it is being stored?

If your vehicle was in private parking facility you can call the numbers on the towing signs that are in the area. You may also call the local police department in the area where your car was towed since it is required that towing companies report all non-consentual tows. The vehicle storage facility and the towing company may not be the same.


How much can a vehicle storage facility charge me for storing my vehicle?

The amount that can be charged varies by city, and depends on the location from which vehicle was towed, not the location to which it was towed (the vehicle storage facility location). Contact your locial police department for additional information.


Will the vehicle storage facility notify me that my vehicle is in their possession?

Yes, a vehicle storage facility must notify the registered owner of the impounded vehicle within 5 days of receiving the vehicle for storage. Notification will be sent via certified or registered mail to the address listed on the vehicle registration.


What documents do I need to present to get my vehicle released?

You will need to present the following:

  • Payment of all fees due AND
  • A valid (current, non-expired) government-issued photo ID AND
  • Any one of the following eight types of proofs of authority:
  1. A notarized power of attorney OR
  2. A court order OR
  3. A certificate of title OR
  4. A tax collector’s receipt and vehicle registration renewal card OR
  5. A notarized proof of loss claim of theft from an insurance company to show a right of possession OR
  6. Positive name and address information that corresponds to the information contained in TXDOT Vehicle Titles and Registration files OR
  7. A valid Insurance Certificate for the vehicle OR
  8. 8.      A TDLR-approved Affidavit of Right of Possession and Control
  • The name and address on the identification and the proof of authority must match.


Can I get my personal belongings out of my impounded vehicle without getting the vehicle?

Yes. You can may remove your personal belongings out of the vehicle upon presentation of ID and proof of authority. Personal items are limited to clothes, toiletries, medicines, and tools. A vehicle storage facility may charge up to a $50.00 fee for personal property removal.


The police have placed a hold order on my car. Can I still get it out of the impound yard?

The police have higher authority when in comes to the release of your vehicle. The police department must remove the hold order before we can release the vehicle or any of its contents. Contact your locial police department for additional information.


I need my vehicle ASAP. Is the impound yard open 24/7?

The vehicle storage facility will keep your vehicle safe and secure 24/7. A releasing officer will be available to release your vehicle within an hour’s notice.